Vegan Meals Packed and Prepared

Simply select the package that best describes what you are trying to achieve and choose the number of meals you want. Our menus are designed to cater for all nutritional requirements, regardless of your gender or goals.

Free Delivery. Minimum Order 10 Meals & No Contracts, No Gimmicks.


Tailored Vegan Meal Plans Made Fresh

With our tailored Vegan Meal Plans from Fitness Muscle Meals, you’ll get the vegan-friendly fuel you need to power through workouts and hit your goals.

Build Your Vegan Meal Plan

With vegan meals delivered, you have a variety of choices at your fingertips. Choose from a range of mouth-watering dishes such as rice, pasta, or noodles with light sauces to satisfy any appetite!

Meals Made Fresh

Our vegan meals delivered in Sydney are freshly prepared and immediately snap-frozen to preserve all nutrients. We make our meals with healthy, organic ingredients to keep you feeling your best. We’re proud to source only from local Australian farmers and suppliers.


We know that following a vegan lifestyle can be difficult, so we have meal plans that make it easy to get the nutrients you need. We have the best vegan dishes to fit the right time of day.

Convenience With Our Vegan Meals

Fitness Muscle Meals enables you to eat healthy, delicious food without turning on the stove. Every day, we deliver fresh, so you always have a tasty and nutritious meal ready to go.

Fitness Muscle Meals provide a vegan meal delivery service that is personalised. We conveniently supply nutritious food to your door.

We recognise that everyone’s nutritional needs vary, so we offer a variety of plant-based meals. So, whether you want to bulk up or maintain your current shape, our vegan dishes have you covered.

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