When you commit to your fitness goals, you also make a commitment to eat healthy, which involves a nutritious and balanced diet, every day. At Fitness Muscle Meals, we have made it our job to make this transition simpler and easier for you.

We know that fitness goals usually exist along with other personal and professional goals — you have to balance a job, a family along with working out, eating well and staying active. That’s why we offer a valuable service — office meals delivered right to you!

Whether you’ve been struggling to prepare your food in the mornings, or ordering in unhealthy fast food or snacks, our office meal delivery will be a boon to your fitness plans. Spend your time working out instead, and enjoy the benefits that come without the stress of meal planning everyday! Choose from our Vegan range, In Between Meals, and Breakfast menu today!

Nutrition, Fitness and Convenience at Your Doorstep

What we do here at Fitness Muscle Meals is based on the simple idea of combining nutrition, fitness goals as well as convenience. With that aim, we offer:

  • Customised Meals: Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle building or weight maintenance, our meals are customised by expert chef Tony to suit every need. Meal plans are tailored to offer a wide variety of dishes that fit your nutritional requirements and dietary restrictions, if any.
  • Deliveries to your home or office: We’ve set out to make healthy eating accessible and convenient for you. We’ll deliver freshly-cooked food wherever you are — at a price that fits your budget.
  • Good food without the hassle: We source fresh and quality local ingredients to make tasty and healthy meals for you. We oversee the delivery of healthy, nutritious food to you — right from sourcing fresh local ingredients and preparation, to deliveries right to your doorstep.
  • No more counting calories: We take off a significant task off your plate, by getting portion and calorie controlled meals onto your plate. All you’ve got to do is heat and eat, knowing you can trust what you’re eating every day.
  • Your own personal nutritionist: With our customised meal plans, it’s almost like having your own personal chef and nutritionist — at a fraction of the cost. With years of experience, Chef Tony understands fitness and nutrition, and offers free advice with your meal plan.

Your fitness goal is only a healthy meal plan away!

A healthy body can only be achieved with healthy habits. With Fitness Muscle Meals, you can rest assured that you’re only eating the best food that’s carefully sourced and meticulously prepared to provide the nutrition needed by your body, to suit your fitness plan. And now, you can extend that healthy diet right to the workplace, making sure that you’re eating healthy, all day, every day. We promise you — your body will thank you for it!

So, don’t miss out on your chance to build muscle, lose weight and feel fitter than ever before. Sign up for our office delivery meals today!

Fantastic service, delivered quickly. The owner delivers the meals!! Excellent variety of muscle meals and very very tasty.


Very happy with the service so far. Some meals are great - other okay but overall im very impressed with the portions and quality of the meals!


I was surprised when my phone started ringing as soon as my order was placed. Tony called to organise a time convenient for me to drop of my meals! Legend! Tony has been very influencial in my weightloss journey. Highly recommended!


Tried a few of these meal delivery services before and this is probably the better of the food i've tasted while actually feeling tailored to what i'm trying to achieve with my excercise. Helps that Tony is a bit of a Wizard when it comes to anything fitness + nutrition related too.