Fitness Muscle Meals is your one-stop shop for fitness meals, personally tailored for your needs and delivered right to you.

Training hard and eating right consistently is a challenge. Especially when you’re working towards muscle gain, you need to be extremely careful about what you eat. The wrong nutritional profile or the wrong foods can really make a dent in the results you see. What you need is to eat healthy and nutritious meals that are right for muscle gain as well as prepare your body for your workout.

Keeping tabs on food can be difficult and downright time-consuming. Or, if you’re training for competitions, then you’ll find it even harder to manage time and keep an eye out on the ingredients you’re buying and the meals you’re cooking.

That’s why we bring you our carefully curated ingredients and diverse recipes in our muscle gain meal plan. Chef Tony, the founder of Fitness Muscle Meals, will personally help you tailor a meal plan that will be delicious to boot. Now, you can let us take care of your diet plan and save precious time focusing on your training! Check out our In Between Meals range for the best options.

Muscle Meals Delivered to Your Doorstep

Our high-quality, healthy and tasty meals are delivered wherever you are, whether at home or at work. Here’s why choosing our meals could be your best decision:

  • Signing up for Fitness Muscle Meals is quick and easy. Nothing compared to shopping, cooking and cleaning up!
  • The ingredients that go into our meals are high in protein and low in fat — perfect for your muscle gain plans!
  • Our meals are fully customisable. We’ve set out to suit your needs – and that means helping you select the right ingredients and dietary profile for you.
  • Our meals are delivered locally in Sydney, in person, directly to your door!
  • Our professional chefs personally select the choicest and freshest produce to create a wide variety of dishes, so you don’t get bored.
  • Along with our muscle gain meal plan, you’ll also get free nutrition advice from bodybuilder and fitness expert Tony.

Eat Right and Gain Muscle

Our high protein meals have been especially designed for people who are engaged in bodybuilding and weight training. They will help you build lean muscle mass, and boost your workout to help you optimise your weight as well. Our meals help repair and build muscles, while providing your body enough energy to recover. No more time-consuming meal planning and fewer trips to the supermarket — spend your free time on working out and getting to the body of your dreams!

Getting home-delivered nutritious but delicious food, like choices from our Breakfast Menu and Vegan Menu, has never been easier or more affordable! You can pick our pre-designed Muscle Gain meal plans, or opt for a fully customised plan as well. Even if you just want to give it a shot, you don’t need to commit to a full subscription. Plus, with a minimum order of 10 meals, you also get free delivery!

High nutrition meals packed with the best quality ingredients for your muscle gain goals. Try them today!

Fantastic service, delivered quickly. The owner delivers the meals!! Excellent variety of muscle meals and very very tasty.


Very happy with the service so far. Some meals are great - other okay but overall im very impressed with the portions and quality of the meals!


I was surprised when my phone started ringing as soon as my order was placed. Tony called to organise a time convenient for me to drop of my meals! Legend! Tony has been very influencial in my weightloss journey. Highly recommended!


Tried a few of these meal delivery services before and this is probably the better of the food i've tasted while actually feeling tailored to what i'm trying to achieve with my excercise. Helps that Tony is a bit of a Wizard when it comes to anything fitness + nutrition related too.