Do you want to see amazing results for your weight loss or muscle gain goals? Or do you just want to make healthy lifestyle a permanent fixture in your life?

We all know how difficult it can be to lose weight, build muscle or even to stay fit. It takes hard work, determination, focus and long hours — both, at the gym and in your kitchen. After a tough day at work and even tougher day at the gym, it’s hard to keep your motivation up when it comes to fixing yourself a healthy meal. You’ve got to think about nutritious ingredients, healthy recipes and then actually prepare that meal and clean up.

If you want to switch to eating healthy, you’ve got to make it a habit. And that means eating nutritious meals every day and being consistent. With Fitness Muscle Meals, you can now have access to perfectly balanced meals that are nutritious, healthy, and affordable! Not only do our meals complement your fitness training, but you can eat with the confidence knowing that an ANB champion, trained nutritionist, and expert chef like Tony has put that meal on your plate.

Fitness, Delivered Home to You in a Healthy Meal

Fuel your workout with our healthy and delicious home meal delivery. When you sign up for ready-made meals home delivery in Sydney, here’s what you can expect.

Fresh and Affordable Meals: We hand-pick the best variety and quality of ingredients, fresh and locally-sourced. You’ll get a wide variety of dishes and flavours every day, but you’ll be saving both time and money with the convenience of our meal plans.

Healthy Variety on the Go: Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring. Our chef and natural bodybuilding and fitness expert, Tony has figured out the secret to crafting delicious meals that suit your palate as well as your fitness goals — all planned around your work and life schedule!

Custom-Tailored Meal Plans: Along with every Fitness Muscle Meal plan, you also gain from Tony’s expertise through free and personalised advice based on your health and fitness levels, dietary choices and training plan. With our meals, you’ll begin to taste success, regardless of your gender or your fitness goals.

Achievable Diet and Weight Loss Goals: Portion control, calorie counting, monitoring macros — that’s what comes with most diets out there today. We want to make your weight loss goals achievable, so we do the calorie counting and portioning for you beforehand. All you need to do is simply heat up and enjoy our flavourful meals!

Take Advantage of Our Personalised Meal Plans

Chef Tony has over two decades of experience as a fitness expert and trained bodybuilder, and he’ll go all out to help you achieve your health, fitness, and wellness goals. With our freshly cooked home meal delivery in Sydney, you can now be sure to keep eating healthy and stay fit.

Sign up for our meal plans today — order 10 meals and get them delivered for free!

Fantastic service, delivered quickly. The owner delivers the meals!! Excellent variety of muscle meals and very very tasty.


Very happy with the service so far. Some meals are great - other okay but overall im very impressed with the portions and quality of the meals!


I was surprised when my phone started ringing as soon as my order was placed. Tony called to organise a time convenient for me to drop of my meals! Legend! Tony has been very influencial in my weightloss journey. Highly recommended!


Tried a few of these meal delivery services before and this is probably the better of the food i've tasted while actually feeling tailored to what i'm trying to achieve with my excercise. Helps that Tony is a bit of a Wizard when it comes to anything fitness + nutrition related too.