• Our meals are cooked fresh and immediately snap frozen to lock in all the nutrients. Rest assured, they will never contain any artificial ingredients. You can browse, shop and, if necessary, complete your order at a later time. We'll keep track of the items you've already put in your shopping bag so that when you come back later, you will not have to re-select the items again. Note that placing items to your shopping bag for purchase at a later time does not guarantee item availability.

  • All our meals are made locally, using Australian farmers and suppliers.

  • We cater for many cultures, and understand the sensitivity in supplying products that are certified accordingly. All our primary producers are Halal certified, the only exception to this being our meals containing Kangaroo. These meals can be substituted with another more suitable protein.

  • We never add any preservatives to our meals. They are all sourced and made from local, fresh and natural ingredients. There are some natural preservatives in certain meals, such as those containing soy sauce.

  • Freezing food offers a number of nutritional advantages over fresh food, as long as the ingredients used are of the highest quality. When fresh food is cooked, the nutritional value starts to deteriorate unless it is immediately consumed. Chilling food slows this process down, but unfortunately doesn’t stop it. Through snap freezing it, the process halts almost completely! Fitness Muscle Meals uses cutting edge technology to blast-freeze your meals straight after cooking. By doing this, we lock in all that goodness, retaining as many nutrients for you as possible. This is also why we don’t need to add artificial additives or preservatives to your meals, providing a lean, clean meals with all the vitamins you would expect. The biggest benefit for most people regarding frozen food however, is the flexibility it gives you and your social life. Invited out for a dinner with friends last minute? No problem, as your frozen meal will keep at its best until you’re ready to eat it. Gone are the days of a rigid eating plan. Eat well when you are home, yet allow yourself to be spontaneous when you want to dine out. In short, frozen meals are better for nutrition, better for the environment, and offer you the greatest amount of flexibility, what’s not to like?

  • Placing an order is simple with the following steps. First, choose a meal plan based on the goals you would like to achieve. Would you like Weight Loss, Maintenance or Muscle Gain? From here you will be able to see a list of meals available for selection. Need a customised meal plan? No problem, get in touch and we will discuss your goals and requirments and create a tailed plan for you. We don’t have any locked in subscriptions, all we require is a minimum of 10 meals to be ordered at a time. Once you select your meals, you will receive a confirmation email from one of our team, who will also call you within 3 hours of receiving your order. They will arrange the best time to deliver your meals, and take note of any special delivery instructions for you. Then simply sit back, wait for your meal delivery, and get ready to enjoy that locked in flavour that our snap frozen meals are known for!

  • After delivery, your meals should be put in the freezer as soon as possible, at the very latest the same day. If you choose to store any meals in the fridge they must be consumed within 24 hours to be at their best. We never recommend storing any meals outside the fridge or freezer.

  • We label each of our meals with clear, easy to read instructions, so no guess work is involved. We aim to make our meals as effortless to follow, so all you need to focus on it getting ready to savour that clean, fresh taste. Helpful Tip! Heating times vary depending on your microwave. We recommend to check on meals the first few times to determine the ideal heating time.

  • For the best possible results, we suggest heating our meals up directly from frozen, this ensures an even cooking time according to our labelled instructions. However, you may also prefer to heat these up once they are thawed, as long as it is within the 24 hour time frame mentioned.

  • Freezing our food ensures the nutrients are locked in for as long as possible, while also retaining that all important taste. Due to our high quality ingredients, our meals can be kept up to 9 months.

  • Yes, we only store our meals in microwave safe containers.

  • We deliver across Sydney, in metro and regional areas at no extra charge. View our exact delivery locations here.

  • We deliver daily from Monday to Friday and all deliveries are made between 10:00am and 10:00pm. Delivery cut off is Friday 10:00pm for delivery the following week. All our meals are Snap Frozen and delivered personally by our Founder Tony, who will call to discuss the most suitable day/time for your delivery.

  • Delivery is free in Sydney metro and regional areas