Fitness Muscle Meals was founded based upon an idea about nutrition, fitness goals and most importantly convenience. With over two decade’s experience in natural bodybuilding and fitness, I wanted to use the knowledge I gained to create both an affordable and achievable diet experience. I therefore set out to create a solution that would guarantee results, could be used by everyone and tick off a wide range of goals.

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Through demonstrated experience, we provide quality, healthy and personally tailored meals. I have developed and helped implement a meal plan that will provide a large part of achieving your own goals and leave you to focus on other things. Need nutrition advice? I will personally develop and help implement, a tailored meal plan that will form a big part of achieving your goals. Tony Founder of Fitness Muscle Meals

One of the key factors to success I found was the time factor. Time took its toll when I was training regularly and preparing for competitions. One of the hardest things to maintain yet one of the biggest factors in getting results was diet. Whether my aim was getting fit, preparing for competitions, planning weight gain or loss or simply maintaining, I was always having to think of my diet. Planning nutritious meals was tricky when time flew by due to trying to focus on achieving my goals. Goals, fitness, diet and attitude are all interdependent. With the right plan, I firmly believe anyone can achieve what they want too. Conveniently sourcing the right ingredients and suppliers seemed like a niche waiting to be filled. I set upon the journey of creating fresh, home cooked and convenient meals that could be personally delivered to take the planning process away.